The Importance of Television

     Televison has been around for many years and serves a variety of purposes. There are many reasons why the television was even created. At least one television can be found in a persons household. Not only is the television ment for entertainment, but can also be used for learning. Television come with many channels available to them. There is the History channel, TLC, Discovery channel, etc. All of these channels are examples of learning channels. Then of course there are the channels like HGTV, Food Network, and DIY Network. These channels fall into the category of household help. They offer advice on how to decorate your house, make food, and even help on building different items. Finally, there are the local channels which have entertainment shows, but also show the local news and world news. These channels are important in letting people know what is going on around the region they live in. Even though some people find television to be useless it does come in handy for certain things. Without television it would make it hard for people to view certain crisis going on around the world, or even near their own town. Also, it gives people warnings for weather that may affect them. In the end without television it would make it hard for some people to be able to function, since they rely on it so much.