The History of Television

     Before the television was first created there was a lot of people with the idea to create a television, but unfortuntley were unable to fully make it work. The first television set was first created in 1907 by A.A Campbell Swinton, which used a cathode ray tube. Then, John Logie Baird came up with the idea to use an array of transparent rods in order to receive an image. In 1930 Charles Jenkins broadcasted the first television commercial. By 1936 there was over 200 televisions around the world. In 1948 cable television was broadcasted in Pennsylvania. It wasn't until the 1950's the first color television was approved by the FCC(Federal Communications Commission). The first videotape system was created in 1956. In the same year of 1956 Robert Adler developed the first remote control. Even though television was available in color it wasn't until 1967 that is was widely used around the world. In 1972 half of the television sets were in color. In 1993 closed captioning was required on all television sets. A couple years later the FCC approved the standard HDTV. Today there is over a billion televison sets found around the world.